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All prices of artworks and art items are presented without shipment price. You can calculate the shipping price by entering your country and the weight of your parcels above.

All terms of delivering price and time depends on location of your country or your recipient address.
So we present prices for artworks have  based on the fine art aesthetic quality.You can and you will be sure that artworks of our artist are the Best Art Gifts for you.

Information about canvas-print.

Terms of printing variant of any painting what you like more.This excellent option is available now!

We have a great offer for you! You already can order fine art prints, posters and postcards of paintings from our online art store what you like more on the premier online marketplace for selling fine art prints, posters and postcards.You just need to choose the painting, after, copy and paste in the contact form  the title and description  of painting, also specify the size and type of printing, (for example- Armenian  still life with a whell, 50x60cm. canvas print or poster or postcard) finely send all this to us.
We will answer you and will clarify  with you all the details for printing the fine art print of any painting what you like more from our online art store!

Feel free and don't hesitate to contact us. We will do our best  to help you get your paintings of high art or the print version of the paintings.

 Best regards and welcome! our dear customers!  
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